Our logistics and supply planning teams are the wizards who ensure customers always have our full range to choose from in store, online or through our partners.  Managing a network of worldwide Distribution Centres and logistics suppliers, they ensure the right product is in the right place at the right time. Dealing with colleagues from departments all over Cath Kidston, the logistics and supply planning team are a key support for our stores and other channels.

Within this busy team, the supply planning department focuses on forecasting and planning to ensure we produce and ship the right amount of products to the right locations. The logistics department concentrate on the challenge of ensuring these products are delivered on time by partners worldwide.

Joining logistics and supply planning calls for an eye for detail, sharp analytical skills and the flexibility to change and adapt to rapidly changing circumstances.  You’ll enjoy solving complex problems and coming up with practical solutions which are easy to implement.

Why I love working in Logistics and Supply Planning

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