Our Print Design team are the creative heart of our business. We search for vintage inspiration all over the world for our print designers to create a season of new, fresh and exciting Cath Kidston prints. Many of our most successful prints have been drawn or created by junior team members who have seized their first design opportunity at Cath Kidston. The team also works closely with our Buying & Sourcing teams to guarantee both the quality of our finished prints and that we match the right print and the right product.

Our Print Design team frequently adopt new techniques or software to develop prints more quickly and improve the speed with which we bring them to market.  They also work closely with our store managers and teams in the field to test developed prints with people who are truly expert in what the customer expects.

Many roles in the Print Design team require you to be able to hand draw beautiful florals and novelty prints to a really high standard. You should be passionate about the Cath Kidston brand and able to talk fluently about print design. With a great eye for detail and colour, your taste will be second to none. However, you’ll need more than design skills here – strong people skills and a genuine taste for collaboration are critical to success with this inspiring team.

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