We love what we do & we love the way we do it

 Our culture

There’s something truly special about our culture here at Cath. Our shared set of values, our pride in the joy we bring to our customers, our collective can-do attitude. Over nearly thirty years, our brand has grown and changed. But our culture. Our culture remains the heart of everything we do, built by the people behind the brand.

Our People

Tenacious, optimistic and roll-your-sleeves-up-and-just-crack-on… the people behind Cath Kidston are precisely as you’d expect them to be. 

The type of people that text “Happy Monday!” and actually mean it. The type of people that bake cakes to cheer each other up and cheer each other on (or buy them, when there’s a batter disaster). The type of people that have the off the wall ideas and the type of people that actually make them happen. 

From the first breath of inspiration through to the cheery parcel through your door, our brand – first and foremost – is a collective of diverse and passionate individuals woven together by a commitment and belonging to our inclusive community.

Our Values

We’re known all over the world for what we do, the products and prints that we make and even how we make our customers feel. But our brand and our culture are built on much more than that. We’re a brand that prides itself on the power of its people and that ‘how’ we do what we do is just as important as the ’what’.

Our brand values are the blueprint of that ‘how’. It’s the behaviours we expect of ourselves and each other as we work towards a bright future for our brand.

Approachable & Inclusive

Our warm welcome is as individual as you are. Great relationships with our customers, teams and suppliers are at the heart of what we do. 

Accountable & Aspiring

We get it done. We constantly strive to push the boundaries of yesterday and work at pace for our tomorrow. We are passionate about our brand and its global reach, working on aligned strategic goals, we are focused to deliver. We are brand ambassadors and our people drive our success.

Ethical & Authentic

We play fair and do things right. We are transparent with our intent and are con dent in our people. We have a diverse culture, driven by authenticity, integrity and ethical business practices.

Imaginative & Curious

It’s open house for inspiration. Bold and original, we value creativity and encourage courageous behaviors to evolve our global brand.

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