Our Story

Our History

We started life in a small shop in Notting Hill in 1993, where our founder Cath sold car boot sale finds and vintage fabric. It was here that our signature hand-drawn prints were born. Soon after, the English roses, classic spots, candy stripes and hedge-hogs of Cath’s imagination began to brighten up the homes and wardrobes of people across the UK.
Throughout our history, we’ve always chosen to look on the bright side, in the hope that our outlook would inspire our customers to do the same. It’s what led us to create the first floral ironing board covers (for finding joy and cheer in even the most everyday of tasks). 

A Household name

Cath Kidston prints have set alight the hearts and minds of the Great British public and beyond, making us a household name – and part of the collective memory of many


We’re a life and style brand with a presence in over 40 countries and a global digital business. But really, we’re a global community that finds unexpected joy in the everyday.

Our Prints

Our prints spark memories – of happy times, carefree moments and Great British quirks that live on inside our customer's minds. By putting a playful twist on joyful British design, our products create nostalgia for all who use and wear them. They become an everyday reminder to tap into the more playful and joyful side of themselves. To inspire the optimist every day.

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