Why did you join Cath Kidston?

I visited the Cath Kidston shop in Covent Garden and was impressed by the spirit of the people who were working there.

What do you get up to on a typical day?

I love working with people and for me they are the most important part of the business. I spent as much time as possible coaching and motivating the sales team, helping our customers and ensuring that everyone has a great experience.

What do you love most about working here?

The company is very open to our feedback and always listens to what we have to say. It really feels that you are a part of the team and not just an employee.

What’s been your biggest achievement/proudest moment so far?

I have met many amazing, dedicated and inspiring people in Cath Kidston. I feel that helping people reach their potential is the most fulfilling part of my job.

What is it really like to work here?

It's stimulating and challenging at the same time. It's a right place for ambitious people who have passion for product and can easily find themselves in an ever-changing and dynamic environment.

What do you think makes Cath Kidston unique as an employer?

The work environment is more personal. You get to know the people you work with and you can always count on them for their support.

What piece of advice would you give to someone who was thinking of applying to work for us?

Be passionate about your work. Cath Kidston is a great environment to work in but don't expect it to be all roses. It's a lot of hard work too.

A little bit more about you

What’s your favourite Cath Kidston print?

I love our novelty prints and the Mushroom print is my all time favourite. It's fun and reminds me not to take everything so seriously.

What is your all-time favourite product of ours?

Our Ceramic Travel Mug. Partly because of its bright print but mainly because it keeps my coffee hot in the morning.